CO2 Lubricants

"CO2Lubricants" aims to convert CO2 into lubricants. Several individual steps are necessary for this. Initially, the supply of CO2 is on the one hand an atmospheric concentrate and, on the other hand, a gas from combustion processes. This CO2 is used for the cultivation of optimized algae cultures, which produce a high proportion of lipids. These lipids are used purely or in further processed form for the production of high-performance lubricants. The oil-free residues of the algae biomass can be used for the cultivation of oil yeasts.

Work at IBK: In the Professorship of industrial biocatalysis, characterization and process optimization of different microalgae cultures will be studied. Moreover, there is a strong focus on genetic engineering and cultivation optimization of oil yeasts as well as the extraction and purification of lipids from the oil yeasts.

  • Involved people: Dr. Monika Fuchs, Mahmoud Masri, Pariya Shaigani and Tobias Fuchs
  • Sponsor: BMBF
  • Number of partners: 5