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9.-13. November 2020 Annual Meeting via zoom

11-15. November 2019 Annual ATUMS Meeting in Canada, Alberta

17th October 2019 Si-Chemistry Symposium, Institute for Advanced Studies, TUM Garching

November 2018
12-16. November 2018 Annual ATUMS Meeting
in Germany, Garching - IAS

September 2018
Ian Watson joined the Rieger´s group (04.09.-24.11.)

August 2018
Arzu Angi and Kerstin Mayer sucessfully defeated their thesis - congratulations!

Congratulations to our Alumnus Dr. Tobias Helbich for receiving the Charafas Prize 2018 from the Weizmann Institute of Science !

Markus Pschenitza (Prof. Rieger) joined agian Jon Veinot´s group for a research stay (24.08.-14.09.)

Josef Mock (Prof. Becherer) researched at Frank Hagmann´s group at UofA  (11.08.-12.10.)

Herzhan Xie researched at Prof. Müller-Buschbaum´s group (20.08.-17.11.)

July, 2018

welcome David Purschke joining Prof. Nilges´group! (10.07.-07.09.)

June, 2018

Nuri Horn (Prof. Müller-Buschbaum) spent reseach time in Edminton(20.06.-10.10.)

Welcome Benjamin Rehl (UofA, Prof. Veinot) to our group of Prof. Rieger (02.06.-09.)

Markus Pschenitza (Prof. Rieger) researched at Jon Veinot´s group (2.06.-11.07.)

Mahmoud Almadhoun visited TUM, Prof. Tornow´s project (15.06.-15.09.)

Semi-annual thematic meeting in Tuzing, Germany. "Novel Concepts ans Electronic Phenomena in Heterosystems" (with the frame of an international workshop) and invited guests´and students´presentations

May, 2018
Congratulation to Felix Kaiser for the sucessful defeat of his thesis!

April, 2018

30. April 2018
Congratulations to Alina Lyuleeva for her successful defeat of her PhD thesis!

Ebru Üzer of Prof. Nilges´group visited UofA (17.04.-14.07.)

Matthias Jakob  was invited to visit Prof. Meldrum´s group (04.-08.06.)

March, 2018

Marc Kloberg (Prof. Rieger) researched at the Veinot´s group (28.03.-16.06.)

February, 2018

Michael Giebel of Prof. Fässler´s group stayed at UofA (2.02.-30.04.)

January, 2018

Claudia Ott of Prof. Nilges´group joined the group Of Prof. Shankar (27.01.-30.04.)

November 2017

October 2017

  • We welcome Christopher Robidillo to TUM, who joins the group of Prof. Boekhoeven!
  • Marc Kloberg is elected as student´s speaker to represent the chemistry group. Congratulations!

September 2017
Stephen Lane is cordially welcomed to the group of Prof. Rieger!

August, 28th, 2017

  • We congratulate Tobias Helbich with an excellant defence of his PhD thesis! Our best wishes to our first Alumnus! We also thanks him for his great work he did for the ATUMS community.
  • Crissy Brown joins the group of Prof. Müller-Buschbaum for two months - highly welcome!

June 2017

May, 2017

  • IGSSE Forum 2017 Poster competition: Raphael Grötsch and Maximailian Speckbacher award the Best Poster Award as project team "ATUMS 2-3 Self-assembly Strategies to Functional Nanoparticle Composites". Congratulations!
  • welcome to our groups! Abishek Iyer (joins Prof Nilges´ group), Eiman Osman (joins Prof. Boekhoven´s group), Ryan Kisslinger (also joins Prof. Nilges´group) - welcome!
  • Weidi Hua also comes for research at TUM - welcome!

March, 2017

February, 2017
Arzu Angi has selected to participate in the 67th Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting - Congratulations!

January, 2017

  • 18/19th Prof. Frank Hegmann from UofA visited TUM, there was a lecture and a workshop.
  • TUM welcomes Mary A. Narreto from Frank Hegmann’s group. She is joining Prof. Lugli’s group for a research stay at the Institute for Nanoelectronics and will be working on the project ATUMS 1-4 “Optoelectronic Properties of solution-processable spray-deposited CNT Networks”.

November 2016

  • 06. - 11.11.2016  The annual ATUMS meeting took place in the TUM science and study center in Raitenhaslach, Germany,  with great success. 35 Canadian visitors come to discuss the projects and newest results with their German project partners
  • Regina Sinelnikov from Jon Veinot's group joins the Tornow group
  • Maryam Aghajamali from Jon Veinot's group joins the Nilges group for a research stay.

October 2016

September 2016

  • Sarah Parke from Eric Rivard´s group
  • Matt Roy and Ben Rehl from Julie Gibbs-Davies group visit our teams for a research stay.

July 2016

  • 04.-08.07.2016 Tobias Bidon from IGSSE went to UofA
  •       05.07.2016 IGSSE Forum in Raitenhaslach, Poster Award for ATUMS Project 1.3

June 2016

  • Arzu Angi (Prof. Rieger) visited Edmonton University for three weeks
  • 05.-09.06.2016  CSC-Meeting in Halifax, Posters Awards for Alina Luyeeleva and Arzu Angi, J.Mater.Chem.B. Award for Tobias Helbich - Congratulations!
  • June to October 2016 Tobias Helbich (Prof. Rieger´s group), Alina Luyeleeva (Prof. Luigli) and Matthais Jakob (Prof. Heiz) joins the Canadian groups for a research stay

May 2016

  • 19.05.2016  Präsentationsworkshop of Boston Consulting Groupin, Headcops in München
  • 08.05.2016  Poster upload for IGSSE-Forum in Raitenhaslach
  • 05.05.2016  ATUMS Workshop on Gender Issues and Equality Management; Cadu, Ludwigstraße 24, 80539 München

April 2016

  • 21.04.2016 Get together of  ATUMS Students at 7:30 pm
  • 15.04.2016 Burghausen, Germany: "Burghauser Chemistry Award" goes to Jillian Buriak and Jon Veinot
  • 14.04.2016 First ATUMS seminar at the German ground
    ATUMS semiannual thematic meeting "Self-assembly for functional hybrid materials" with canad. PIs Jon Veinot and Jillian Buriak

March 2016
"ATUMS bringt Doktoranden nach Kanada", TUMcampus 1/16 download

February 2016
15.02. to April 2016
Tobias Helbich from Prof. Rieger´s group spent 6 weeks at Alberta University doing research as part of Prof. Veinot´s group

January 2016
Anton Oliynyk and Krishna Rakmachandran from Prof. Mar´s group spent two weeks at TUM doing research as part of Prof. Nilges´ group.

01. - 02.11.2015

With great sucess the first annual ATUMS Kick-off-meeting  with 43 Members (students and 15 PIs) took place in Edmonton, Canada  - Presentations of all PIs and students´ Poster Presentations.

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