IRTG 2022 "ATUMS" - Functional Hybrid Materials

Semiconductor nanoparticles and conductive polymers are ranked among the great scientific triumphs of the late 20th century. In the Alberta/TUM International Graduate School (ATUMS) they are married to hybrid functional materials (HFMs), which are among the most promising systems available to address current and future needs of society by potentially revolutionizingsolar energy conversion, energy storage, low cost efficient electronics, and optical communication, among others.
Developing these advanced systems requires a transdisciplinary network and a new generation of researchers with technical skills to design, synthesize, understand, and exploit them. Modern researchers must also communicate effectively with informed colleagues from other disciplines, the public, politicians, and international media. ATUMS will use innovative methodologies toeducate our most talented students while making substantial strides forward in fundamental and practical  TUMS assembles leading German and Canadian researchers who will guide students in the process of discovery through active research.
The training program at TUM will be conducted under the wings of IGSSE.

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