Transferable skills training

Event Type Date Title Instructor
Soft skills lecture 10.11.2016 From graduate school to a successful career: What do I need to do now? Mita Dasog
Gender Equality 25.05.2016 What is the evidence on gender issues in science and engineering? An open discussion on gender stereotypes Erika Ember, Anna Cattani-Scholz, Daniel Pedone, Gabriele Raudaschl-Sieber, Ursula Wurstbauer
Gender Equality 01.03.2017 Convincing Presentations & Gender Equality Wladislaw Jachtchenko
Good scientific practice 12.03.2018 – 13.03.2018 Workshop Good Scientific Practice Protecting Scientific Integrity Julia Verse
Gender Equality 29.05.2018 Roundtable discussions on gender issues in academia with invited guests (within the international workshop in Tutzing)
Career development 31.07.2018 Entry Opportunities for Scientists and Engineers Gerhard Langstein (Covestro)
Career development 29.07.2019 Efficiency training workshop Carsten Rohr
Career development 21.10.2021 Efficiency skills for Scientists, Workshop Carsten Rohr