Publikationen 2021 Arbeitskreis Prof. Rieger

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    "Modular Assembly of Vibrationally and Electronically Coupled Rhenium Bipyridine Carbonyl Complexes on Silicon"

  2. Kerstin Halama, Andreas Schaffer, Bernhard Rieger, RSC Advances, 2021, 11, 38555-38564
    "Allyl group-containing polyvinylphosphonates as a flexible platform for the selective introduction of functional groups via polymer-analogous transformations"

  3. S. Kernbichl, B. Rieger, Buchkapitel 16 "Aliphatic Polycarbonates Derived from Epoxides and CO2", 385-406 in Engineering Solutions for CO2 Conversion
    Editor(s):Tomas R. Reina Harvey Arellano‐Garcia José A. Odriozola, First published:19 February 2021
    Print ISBN:9783527346394 |Online ISBN:9783527346523 |DOI:10.1002/9783527346523

  4. Magdalena Maria Kleybolte, Malte Winnacker, Macromolecular Rapid Comm 2021, 42 (13), 2100065, coverpage
    "β-Pinene-derived Polyesteramides and Their Blends: Advances in Their Upscaling, Processing, and Characterization"

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    "Surface-Anisotropic Janus Silicon Quantum Dots via Masking on 2D Silicon Nanosheets"

  6. Moritz Kränzlein, Thomas M. Pehl, Friederike Adams, Bernhard Rieger, Macromolecules 2021, 54, 23, 10860–10869
    "Uniting Group-Transfer and Ring-Opening Polymerization-Block Copolymers from Functional Michael-Type Monomers and Lactones"

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    "Sustainable Myrcene-Based Elastomers via a Convenient Anionic Polymerization"

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    "Surface Engineering of Silicon Quantum Dots: Does the Ligand Length Impact the Optoelectronic Properties of Light-Emitting Diods?"
  9.  Veronica Paradiso, Francesco Della Monica, David Hermann Lamparelli, Sara D'Aniello, Bernhard Rieger, Carmine Capacchione, Catal. Sci. Technol., 2021, 11, 4702–4707, Cover page
    "Dinuclear [OSSO]-Fe complexes for the reaction of CO2 with epoxides"
  10. Thomas M. Pehl, Friederike Adams, Moritz Kränzlein, Bernhard Rieger, Macromolecules 2021, 54, 9, 4089–4100, Cover page
    "Expanding the Scope of Organic Radical Polymers to Polyvinylphosphonates Synthesized via Rare-Earth Metal-Mediated Group-Transfer Polymerization"
  11. Andreas Saurwein, Andreas Schaffer, Christina Wieser, Bernhard Rieger , RSC Adv. 2021, 11, 1586-1594
    "Synthesis, characterisation and functionalisation of BAB-type dual-responsive nanocarriers for targeted drug delivery: evolution of nanoparticles based on 2-vinylpyridine and diethyl vinylphosphonate"
  12. Philip M. Stanley, Johanna Haimerl, Christopher Thomas, Alexander Urstoeger, Michael Schuster, Natalia B. Shustova, Angela Casini, Bernhard Rieger, Julien Warnan, Roland A. Fischer, Angewandte Chemie 2021, 60, 33, 17854-17860, Frontispiece
    "Host-Guest Interactions in Metal-Organic Framework Isoreticular Series for Molecular Photocatalytic CO2 Reduction"
  13. Philip M. Stanley,  Mykhaylo Parkulab, Bernhard Rieger, Julien Warnan, Roland A. Fischer, Faraday Discussions 2021, 60, 33, 17854-17860
    "Understanding entrapped molecular photosystem and metal-organic framework synergy for improved solar fuel production"
  14. Philip M. Stanley, Christopher Thomas, Erling Thyrhaug, Alexander Urstoeger, Michael Schuster, Jürgen Hauer, Bernhard Rieger, Julien Warnan, Roland A. Fischer, ACS Catal. 2021, 11, 871-882
    "Entrapped Molecular Photocatalyst and Photosensitizer in Metal−Organic Framework Nanoreactors for Enhanced Solar CO2Reduction"
  15. M. Stavrou, I. Papadakis, A. Stathis, M. J. Kloberg, J. Mock, T. Kratky, S. Günther, B. Rieger, M. Becherer, A. Lyuleeva-Husemann, S. Couris, J. Phys. Chem. Lett. 2021, 12, 815–821
    “Silicon Nanosheets versus Graphene Nanosheets: A Comparison of Their Nonlinear Optical Response”

  16. Lucas Stieglitz, Daniel Henschel, Thomas Pehl, Bernhard Rieger, Organometallics 2021, 40, 24, 4055–4065, Cover page
    "In Situ Activation: Chances and Limitations to Form Ultrahigh Molecular Weight Syndiotactic Polypropylene with Metallocene Dichlorides"