Jinyu Liu


Raum: 62403

Telefon: 082-289-13851

email: jinyu.liu(at)makro.ch.tum.de

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Extraordinary discoveries have been developed in the past decades regarding the chemistry of main-group elements. The synthesis and research of the by then inconceivable compounds have led to the realization, that heavier main-group elements resemble the transition metal complexes in their reactivity and chemical behavior. The proceeding exhaustion of the already low resources of precious metals and their inherently high costs brought forward the new concept to utilize heavier main-group compounds as replacements for transition metal complexes in chemical catalysis. Oxidative addition of small molecules (e.g. hydrogen, carbon dioxide and olefins) has been observed in some selected main‑group compounds, whereby the reductive elimination, being the last step of a catalytic cycle, hasn’t been achieved till this day.

My research project:

The major goal is to synthesize different silylenes, the heavier analogs of carbenes, with imine‑based N‑heterocyclic ligands. These species have been found to be able to perform small molecule activation. The intention is to investigate their ability to achieve a reductive elimination by tuning the electronic properties of the low valent silicon center with different ligands.

Key words: silicon chemistry, low valent silicon